PTR Coating
1. Brief Introduction of PTR
PTR is Polyurethane Resin, which is a synthetic leather used in the raw material, soft and flexible, excellent scalability, and abrasion resistance, solvent resistance, resistance to bending are good polyurethane resin.
This polyurethane resin by the molecule has a very high cohesive power of urethane groups NHCOO base synthetic resin by the addition polymerization reaction by the isocyanate and glycol manufactured out.
Since this amino acid ethyl ester base high condensate emergency power to make the intermolecular condensation and hydrogen combine to form the crystal, so that the polyurethane resin has a unique higher material and energy.
Spend in the traditional learning of PU has been long-term use in the textile coating, fixed structure, increase the strength of the stitches, but because of its coating processing, mostly is not the continuity of point-like distribution, so many non-function of the resistance to water pressure and adjust the hand feel; by adjusting its molecular weight and structure, and re-modify the processing equipment, we have successfully developed a PTR film further meet the demand for quality, cost and functionality.
2. The Properties of PTR
Being Environmentally Friendly: Not polluted with dioxin (Dioxin), heavy metals and phthalates (Phthalates), to comply with REACH environmental regulation
Lightweight: PTR is around 30% lighter than TPU, therefore reduce the weight of the finished products, can be customized to adjust the thickness.
Price is more competitive: PTR is about 15% lower prices than TPU.
Can be customized to adjust the thickness: To adjust the production according to customer’s hand feel and thickness requirements.
Waterproof: Pressure resistance can be easily up to more than 3,000 mmAq, this data has been able to meet the waterproof standards under normal circumstances.
Be adjustable to flexion feel: PTR with excellent rebound resilience, adjustable textile feel able to support the appearance of the shape of the bags in accordance with the required design.
Fixed the structure: Department of coating processing the PTR raw materials in the appropriate viscosity conditions, full penetration in the textile structure for superior stitch strength.
Reinforcement: PTR raw materials for textile processing yarn coated with reinforcing the warp and weft, and tensile strength of the manufactured goods.
Cold resistance: PTR could withstand the temperature to -20℃ without cracking.