VMC Flame Retardant Coating
1.VMC Flame Retardant Coating
This VMC coating is an excellent flame retardant coating that we developed, which is water-based material. This flame retardant coating passes British furniture fire regulation of BS 5852 Part1: 1979 & Part2: 1982 and complies with the environmental protection regulation of RoHs and REACH.
To reduce the loss on fabric, this coating will make fabric carbonized from melt type when it is burnt.
This coating will reduce smoke approximately 70% less than other fabrics when it is burnt.
This coating will produce expansion insulating effect when it is burnt, so the flame retardant is excellent.
This coating can be applied on any kind of fabrics, like Nylon, Polyester, NT, Cotton...and so on.
The fabric with VMC finished is suitable to use on furniture, transportation equipment, aviation equipment ….and so on.