CT-Color Stain Dyed Yarn
1. What is CT-Color Stain Dyed Yarn?
This material is weaved by cotton yarn on the warp direction and T stain dyed yarn on the weft direction to present simultaneously multicolor effect on the surface, to make canvas also looked multicolor and lively fashion, much different from general single tone canvas.
2. Features
Based on customer’s design, the color on weft direction can be chose freely from our stain dyed color pantone, can be settle down with single tone or multicolor. There are 244 pantone colors for stain dyed and there is no M.O.Q. pressure as the general yarn dyed.
Can design freely by different denier, thickness and weave and produce.
The color fastness better than general canvas.
The price is lower than general canvas.
Can be customized the color and weave according to brand’s design.
Can be applied on sporting bags, soft bags, fashion clothing, furniture cloth…etc.