3D Totem Embossed
1. What is 3D Totem Embossed?
Three dimensional totem embossed is made by the bite mark on the processing temperature, speed, pressure, the depth of the axle lines and three-dimensional carving of concave and raised cylinder up and down process to achieve a three-dimensional effect of rendering, the effect is more than the general plain embossed one. The three-dimensional process of this product is an extremely stable and excellent manufacturing reproducibility.
2. Features
Three-dimensional effect of totem embossed is able to replace weaving jacquard fabric effect.
The price is more competitive than woven jacquard material.
Can be processed with variety of different materials and different specifications & thickness of products.
The material and construction are able to be designed to achieve different three-dimensional visual effect. For example: nylon, Teodolon, Polyester, cotton, Micro suede, PU, PVC, lamination materials etc. via design to achieve different three-dimensional effect.
This three-dimensional effect can be applied on the materials of bags, fashions, upholstery clothes and so on.