Pioneer Leather
1.Chemical Composition
-Chemical ingredient of TPA is Polyvinyl Butyral, PVB+ Thermoplastic Polyurethane , TPU
TPA is a copolymer that possesses highly stable chemical activity. Except environmental issue, TPA resembles PVC in many aspects, such as physical properties, processability, and external senses. By making a comprehensive survey, TPA is the most sustainable alternative to PVC.
-RVPU is the same material as TPA , RVPU is for coating process , TPA is for laminated process.
?TPA Sheet and RVPU Coating , which are for fabrics backing lamination and coating mostly employed in luggage and bags
?TPA Resin(RVPU), which is for fabrics coating
?TPA Artificial Leather
?TPA Tarpaulin
?Eco Properties
-Conform to the REACH regulations
-Due to its chemical stability, it is a durable material that eliminates pollution by repeating production
-The life cycle of TPA and RVPU have particularly low energy consumption and CO2 emission
?Weather Ability
-By holding advantage of chemical stability, the outdoor applications are particularly feasible
?Physical Property
-Solvent Resistance
-Scratch Resistance
-Stain Resistance
-Oil Resistance
4.Comparison between Various Sheets
As below the photo showed.
5.Comparison between RVPU&PU
As below the photo showed.