Rendering Totem
1. What is Rendering Totem?
Rendering is not a regular silk screen printing and not a regular heat transferred printing, but with a special staining method to make totem presented naturally, the other color tones and shades will be brought out and present the totem cleverly and naturally when dyes are on the staining process and impact each other.
2. Features
The totem is not regularity, the same pattern can not be found, it is relatively a level, shades’ change is more natural and not rigid.
Can be processed monochrome shades-level changes, a two-tone shades-level changes,to present the natural correction colorful effect.
The ratio of color matching up to 80% -90%, the same totem cannot be found on the different products, the natural effect of rendering is not reachable by regular printing method.
Different material and structure will achieve different visual effects.For example: 100%T.Microsuede…. etc. will have different changes through the design.
This technology can be used on bags, garments, upholstery cloth ... and so on.